InovTech Industrie is constantly in advance towards new technologies and the diversification of production processes.

The company has been able to integrate these processes over time to improve quality of its textiles. Moreover, in order to face the challenges of tomorrow, InovTech Industrie is constantly evolving and innovating in its processes.

These advances allow us today to produce more than 3 million meters / year and to offer our customers a wide choice of fabrics.

Evolution et Innovation Inovtech

Our Research & Development department supports you technically and in complete confidentiality by providing you with:

– Permanent sourcing

– A partnership in your projects

– Development assistance

– Technical support for the finishing touches

INOVTECH INDUSTRIE is part of a group diversified by the nature of its markets and the wide range of its industrial technologies.

The whole team’s mission is to listen to its customers in all circumstances.

INOVTECH INDUSTRIE gets in 2013 the Oeko-Tex standard 100 label and thus certifies the quality of the materials it works for its customers: This label guarantees the absence of harmful substances in the materials.

It also has GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. The GRS standard is designed to verify the recycled content of products (finished and intermediate).

It also allows to control the social, environmental and chemical practices responsible in the production cycles.


GRS (Global Recycled System)