Our integrated service includes all phases of the production process: Warping, Gluing, Weaving, Dyeing …

On the other hand, our services include:
– Research & Development
– Quality control
– Logistic

Building on this dynamic, InovTech Industrie is today positioned as a key company in textile services.

It has experience and tradition in textile services which have been maintained over the years through the companies of the group.

We give the best of ourselves with continuous improvement of our products and services.

L'Expertise Inovtech

With a high experience, INOVTECH INDUSTRIE masters many textile techniques.

Since 2011 we have been working synthetic, natural, artificial materials among others.

InovTech Industrie relies on a modern industrial tool, with a network of skills. This allows the creation, design, development and production of high-performance and quality textiles.

InovTech Industrie has many types of fabrics with unique characteristics:

Flame resistant textiles

Water repellent fabric

Special… textiles for professionals

Textiles for sun protection

Inovtech Fils et Tissus

For more than 10 years, InovTech Industrie is enriched from the experience of its customers. This is thanks to the presence of men and women in the field. We are honored by their trust.

INOVTECH INDUSTRIE commits to provide:

– A high and constant quality requirement at each stage of the manufacturing process

– The technical adequacy of our articles to the requirements of our customers

– Meeting deadlines

– Quality service



Quality control of our technical fabrics is at all stages of the production process in order to guarantee the best quality.

In order to do so, InovTech Industrie has several types of controls at its disposal:

– During production: physical, visual and chemical control of products

– After finishing: visiting and inspection of fabrics before shipping

– The laboratory: physical and chemical checks of our fabrics regarding the standards in place and the requirements of our customers

Logistics knowledge

InovTech Industrie’s fabrics are sold internationally. This requires to master logistics.

Today we can count on a storage of 10,000 m2 of warehouse in order to provide optimum coverage with maximum efficiency. Our logistics preparation system allows us to offer a fast, efficient and complete service for while delivering our products.

Our business lies in the expertise and know-how of technical textile innovation. Serving high-demanding customers, we are listening to their needs for over 10 years.
InovTech protection solaire

Sun protection

(high stores, side, pleated)

Protection solaire

InovTech protection individuelle

Individual protection equipment

Equipement de Protection Individuelle

InovTech vêtements professionnels

Industrial clothing

Vêtements professionnels

InovTech industrie

Industry specific needs